Photo: Students using low-cost sensors to monitor personal exposure to atmospheric pollutants in Bogota's Downtown, 2019.

I strive to create inclusive and stimulating learning environments, and I continuously work to refine my pedagogic techniques. In 2022, I completed UC Berkeley's Certificate in Teaching and Learning in Higher Education. My commitment to teaching was acknowledged in 2022 through an Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor (OSGI) Award at Berkeley.

While at Berkeley, I also led efforts to provide academic mentorship and professional development guidance for undergraduate and graduate students, mainly, but not limited to, Latinx, international, and first-generation students. For further details on my mentoring work, see my CV.

Courses Taught

University of San Francisco 

- Science, Technology, and Global Politics 

- Global Environmental Politics 

- Justice, Culture, and Sustainability 

- Politics of International Aid and Development

- International Studies Capstone

- Environmental Law and Policy

University of California, Berkeley 

- Human Contexts and Ethics of Data (TA)

- International Environmental Politics (TA)

- Bodies, Disability, and the Environment (TA)

- US Environmental Policy, Administration, and the Law (TA)

- International Rural Development Policy (TA)

Universidad del Rosario (Colombia)

- Environmental Health and Law

Universidad de los Andes (Colombia)

- Environmental Law and Policy

- Directed Research Seminar 

-       Sociology of Law (TA)

Qualitative Feedback from Anonymous Student Evaluations

“Sebastián is clearly a well–knowledged instructor who made students feel like they were in good hands for this course. He is an engaging and eloquent instructor, always ready with thoughtful responses to students’ questions.”

UC Berkeley student, 2020

“[Sebastián] is good at moving the discussion forward. He is helpful during office hours and does his best to increase the understanding of the student on the subject. Does a good job of inciting critical thinking among the students.”

UC Berkeley student, 2020

This class was very informative - it changed my perspective and understanding of global studies.”

University of San Francisco student, 2023

“This instructor did an amazing job initiating conversation, validating students, and providing a safe space for all students to feel heard and respected. He was very professional, friendly, and enthusiastic about the material. He made himself very accessible to his students.”

UC Berkeley student, 2021

“I really enjoyed this class and it offered a new perspective on many of the issues discussed in other classes. Sebastián's passion for the subject really helped foster my own interest in this field, and I look forward to applying the concepts we've learned to other areas of my studies. Great class!”

University of San Francisco student, 2022